UPDATE: The New Philadelphia Times Reporter picked up this story too!

UPDATE: This article was on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch on Monday, February 11!

An article posted on February 9, 2019, by Joe Blundo in the Columbus Dispatch suggests that the new law in Ohio that went into effect in September, 2018 appears to be having an impact on commercial breeders in Ohio.

The increase is apparently an effect of a state law that took effect in late September and limited the number of litters a dog can produce in her lifetime to eight; banned the practice of keeping dogs in small, stacked cages; made smaller breeding operations subject to regulations and imposed other changes.

Columbus Dispatch article

You can read the full article here: https://www.dispatch.com/entertainmentlife/20190209/rescue-groups-see-increase-in-dogs-surrendered-by-commercial-breeders

Dispatch – Rescue groups see increase in dogs surrendered by commercial breeders
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