The Fox 8 Cleveland I-Team reporters Peggy Gallek and Ed Gallek published a three-part news story on Ohio’s dirty world of commercial dog breeding. In the powerful series, the reporters visit puppy millers who appeared on the HSUS Horrible Hundred list to get answers on inspection reports and the care of their dogs. Not surprisingly, none of the breeders interviewed allowed the reporters to see their dogs.

Peggy Gallek interviewed a state lawmaker and state of Ohio Dept. of Ag officials about enforcement and also traveled to DC to speak with USDA officials on the heavy redaction of dog inspection records but was denied an interview.

The team also published a follow-up piece after attending an Ohio Department of Agriculture and with camera’s rolling, captured the announcement that two new inspectors would be added to the commercial dog breeder program. The public scrutiny of their 3-part story pushed the issue to the forefront of Ohioans and helped create enforcement pressure which may have led to the hiring of new inspectors.

Segment 1 (air date 10/25/2018)– Hidden Camera Look at So-Called Puppy Mills in Ohio

Segment 2 (air date 10/26/2018) Exposing Gaps in the System to Protect Puppies

Segment 3 (air date 11/6/2018)Watch as the I-Team Uncovers More So-Called Puppy Mills in Ohio

Follow-up (air date 12/23/2018) – More Inspectors Added After Fox 8 I-Team Exposes So-Called Puppy Mills

Fox 8 Cleveland I-Team Exposes Puppy Mills
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