Thank you to the the Fox 8 Cleveland I-Team for its continuing coverage of puppy mills in Ohio. There most recent story is a follow up on the impact of the new law in Ohio.

The I-Team revealed local breeders cited in the past by inspectors, found dogs in a large complex of cages, and exposed a lack of state oversight with just four inspectors for close to 300 breeders. We also showed how the state has taken steps to keep closer watch on breeders and make sure puppies are not suffering.

Runevitch says the new state law, enacted in September, is most likely one of the reasons more breeders are getting rid of the dogs. The new law limits the number of lifetime litters a female can produce and also calls for tighter regulations on the living conditions of the dogs.

You can check out the complete story here.

Fox 8 Cleveland I-Team: Close-up look at how growing number of dogs are being saved from so-called puppy mills